Upcoming Events

AAUW Glenview, IL Events

GUESTS ARE WELCOME! – Events via ZOOM until further notice – Watch your email/mail for links and phone numbers!


Branch Meeting:  9/16/20 – Women in the C Suite #2 , Speaker:  Ann Simms, COO/CFO American Planning Association, Zoom, 7:30 pm

 Literature Group:  09/23/20: The Yellow House, By:  Sarah Broom, 7:30pm

Board Meeting:  10/7/20 (Oct-Mar events), 7:30pm

Branch Meeting: 10/14/20 – March of the Women: Music for the 100th Anniversary of Suffrage, Speaker/Musician: Phil Passen, Road Scholar, 7:30 pm

Literature Group:  10/21/20: The Darkling Bride, By:  Laura Andersen, 7:30pm

Literature Group:  11/04/20: Lady in the Lake, By:  Laura Lippman, 7:30pm

Branch Meeting: 11/11/20 – Notorious RBG: The Life and Times of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Virtual Tour and Presentation from the Illinois Holocaust Museum, 4pm

Branch Fundraiser:  11/30/20 – Lou Malnati’s Fundraiser, Mention Glenview AAUW when ordering from Glenview (4-10pm), Northbrook (11am-10pm) or Mt. Prospect (4-10pm) Locations

Branch Meeting: 12/4/20 – Marshall Fields and Chicago, Speaker:  Sarah Sullivan, 1pm


Literature Group:  1/06/21: The Dutch House, By:  Ann Patchett, 7:30pm

Branch Meeting:  1/13/21 What Are You Saying When You Are Not Speaking?   Speaker:  Linda Rockwell, 7:30 pm

Branch Meeting:  2/2/21 Implicit Bias, Subconscious Acts That Guide Our Decisions Speaker:  Laura Josephson-Bernat, JD, MBA, Loyola University Law Professor, 7:30pm

Board Meeting:  2/10/21 (Mar-May Events and Board Positions), 7:30pm

Literature Group:  2/17/21: A Kin, By:  Emma Donoghue, 7:30pm

Branch Meeting:  3/3/21 – Women in Media and Film, Presenters:  Sabryna Cornish, Dr. Chelsey Crawford, 7:30pm

Literature Group:  3/10/21: Orhan’s Inheritance, By:  Aline Ohanesian, 7:30pm

Literature Group:  4/7/21: Calling Me Home, By:  Julie Kibler, 7:30pm

Branch Meeting:  4/22/21 – Solving Climate Change With A Solution We Can All Like, Speaker:  Mike Zanillo,  7:30pm

Branch Meeting:  5/12/21 Apple Technology Tips (iphone, ipad, icloud), Speaker:  Geoff Horwitz, 7pm

Literature Group:  5/19/21: The Only Woman in the Room, By:  Marie Benedict, 7:30pm

Literature Group:  6/9/21: A Long Petal of the Sea, By:  Isabel Allende, 7:30pm

Board Meeting:  6/23/21  (2021-2022 Planning), 7:30pm

Literature Group:  7/7/21: The Library Book, By:  Susan Orlean, 7:30pm

Board Meeting:  7/28/21  (2021-2022 Planning), 7:30pm

 Literature Group:  8/11/21: The Dearly Beloved, By:  Cara Wall, 7:30pm