The Glenview Area Branch of AAUW received its Chapter on August 2, 1968 in Washington D.C.  Currently the Glenview Area AAUW branch has over 30 members, 4 of which are original charter members.

Glenview 45th Anniversary CakeIn 2014 the branch celebrated its 45th birthday and continues to celebrate the strong legacy of
improving the lives of members, women and girls in the community.

The Glenview Area AAUW branch has received awards for sustaining membership through the long tradition of several informative/educational meetings per year, literature club meetings, and activities designed to improve the lives of local residents through various fundraising and donating activities.  The Glenview Area AAUW branch supports various national outreach programs such as the current STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) project, aimed to encourage girls to pursue education and career paths in these areas.

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